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Diamond DAO’s mission is to build collective knowledge about communities and connect people to new frontiers.

The arc of economic history on planet earth is one of explosive growth after slow burn. In the last one hundred years a tipping point of economic growth and opportunity emerged with new technologies to communicate and organize. Within this upward curve are stories of the communities that emerged alongside through use of tools to organize, share ideas, and store value.

Economic growth (GDP) over the past two thousand years
Economic growth (GDP) over the past two thousand years

In this complex adaptive system of interactions and near infinite possibilities each of us individually is, in many ways, simply along for the ride and creating a story of our own. However, one way humans have managed to adapt, grow, and evolve is through organizing and cooperating. DAOs and Web3 provide a new paradigm for connecting with one another.

Diamond DAO is helping people understand and navigate this emerging paradigm with new tools and knowledge.

New ways of organizing creates new opportunity
New ways of organizing creates new opportunity

Information Overload

Brilliant diamonds are formed by chains of simple carbon atoms. Art by Pasquale Tortora.
Brilliant diamonds are formed by chains of simple carbon atoms. Art by Pasquale Tortora.

Web3 communities face information overload. Volatile prices, competing feeds, project announcements, hacks, scams, nascent tooling, and unclear regulations. Crowded servers, governance proposals, forums, proof of work, different guidelines, missions, and maturity of communities.

Yet together we carry on in search of information to guide us toward purpose, fulfillment, and friends in this new ecosystem of social technologies, both on-chain and off.

Experienced contributors lean on networks of trust they’ve developed over the years through careful curation: Telegram groups, Twitter lists, friends from IRL events, DAOs where they spent months jumping through hoops before formally becoming a member.


During our user research we found that much of the information people want to know about communities is locked inside the heads of people deeply involved in those communities.

We believe the solution is a platform for subject matter experts of communities to organize and share their knowledge, giving newcomers a wayfinding guide to their passions and the people that will help build upon them.

Chainverse is our first step towards helping people understand and connect with the communities of the future, starting with DAOs.

Chainverse is powered by a community-curated knowledge graph of Web3 communities and the innovative networks behind them.

The foundation of the knowledge graph is publicly available data on DAOs; proposal activity, members, forum threads, tweets.

Early access

Holding a Chainverse Explorer or Curator NFT will unlock early access to features in Chainverse by Diamond DAO.

Each NFT was created by Pasquale Tortora. Proceeds of each sale are split 30% artist / 70% DAO, and will support his unique and weird art.

Curator Edition

Become a Curator on Chainverse.

Contribute to the collective intelligence graph and create data streams of your knowledge that can plug into other applications.

A Chainverse Curator NFT is for storytellers. You weave information from across frontier communities into narratives that connect explorers to their passions.

Explorer Edition

Become an Explorer on Chainverse.

Find new communities through feeds and publications backed by the collective knowledge of those uniquely positioned to tell the stories for their community.

A Chainverse Explorer NFT is for knowledge seekers. Your curiosity drives you to explore frontier communities.

We're excited to explore Chainverse with you. Each edition will give you an NFT that will be used for early access to our product and Diamond DAO community rewards.

Our token will incentivize people deeply embedded in Web3 communities to share their insights to help newcomers find, navigate, and connect with communities aligned with their passions.

The Labs

The Diamond DAO research labs are a space for exploration, experimentation, and long-tailed pursuit of curiosity. Data from our platform and data pipelines are open for analysis, research, and modeling to find truthful answers to deep questions. Community members can share ideas, propose projects, and get support to research emerging trends in Web3.

Get involved

Visit our website: diamonddao.xyz

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Thank you

A heartfelt thank you to the people helping us build Diamond DAO: Jovian, Adil, ricepapi, Andy, karmacustodian, Rohan, Keating, Xqua, Amos, Sky

Special thank you to artist Pasquale Tortora for providing the art for this article and the Chainverse NFTs.

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