Connecting Web3 Creators with Audiences


Diamond DAO is building Chainverse to help people connect with communities aligned with their passions.

We are starting with creators building in frontier communities: builders creating DAOs in Decentralized Science (DeSci) and Regenerative Finance (ReFi); artists creating Music NFTs; writers on Mirror.

Connecting Creators with Audiences

Web3 is full of creators; the frontier attracts builders and risk takers. Creators need to develop and cultivate their audiences to thrive.

Many creators struggle to find an audience to sustain their work. Especially creators who fit their passion in between a “day job”, family, maintaining their health, and other obligations.

Chainverse will help creators redirect the time they spend lurking Twitter spaces and shilling in Discord channels to honing their craft, through improved audience discovery tools.

Case Study: Mirror

The Chainverse graph contains nearly a million entities including, DAOs, DAO members, proposals, forum posts, Twitter accounts, social token transactions, and Mirror articles.

Each article is connected to entities: the author’s wallet address, twitter accounts mentioned in the article, NFTs issued in the article, etc.

Chainverse links those entities to more entities: wallet addresses to Twitter accounts, NFTs to collectors, collectors to DAOs, Twitter accounts to followers, etc.

Aspiring creators on Mirror can use this data to develop strategies for building and cultivating their audiences.

Say you are an aspiring DAO operations researcher and are trying to learn from other DAO operations thought leaders to build your audience.

With Chainverse, you could select a DAOist like @rafathebuilder and explore their audience.

This query traverses from Rafa (the pink node in the bottom left) to Twitter accounts mentioned in articles he’s published on Mirror, to other Mirror articles that reference those Twitter accounts.

Screenshot from Neo4J, Chainverse' Graph Database Backend
Screenshot from Neo4J, Chainverse' Graph Database Backend

Now, the aspiring researcher has leads: articles to read, authors to reach out to -- social context to make sense of their niche and how to position themselves in it.

Chainverse also includes data on who is supporting other authors in their networks through crowdfunds, purchasing NFT editions, and more.

On the flip side, the same data could be used to surface our aspiring researchers articles to readers interested in the work of other researchers in their niche.

Beyond Mirror

This case study illustrates the power of graph data for connecting Web3 creators with aligned audiences; Mirror is just one platform. Diamond DAO data engineers, data scientists, and curators are building Chainverse to provide unmatched discovery for creators and builders across Web3, from Decentralized Science DAOs to Music NFT artists.

We’ll be publishing more case studies to explain the practical applications of Chainverse data, as well as ecosystem level insights from our ongoing research and analysis efforts

Learn more about us at our website or in our Discord, where we have opportunities for contributors interested in data science, data engineering, community design, and qualitative research.

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